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I just purchased a new digital camera.  Bear with me!  Some pictures might be larger than I intended, etc.  I'll be adding new photos often!


Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil!


Guilty and they know they've been caught!!  Cloud, Percilla and Mystic are a handful.  We have a "wolfdog" freezer on our back porch.  We keep nothing but meat in it.  Cloud, Cilla and Mystic know this.  On more than one occasion they had a desire for some raw meat and helped themselves to the contents of the freezer!!  Opening the freezer is no problem for them.


Cloud  - a.k.a. The Intimidator - Cloud is such a loving animal and has an extreme amount of energy.  Each day he has to make sure to give us hugs.  He earned his nickname by growling when he wants to be loved on.  He doesn't like to take no for an answer.  Cloud is the alpha of the pack.  This is mostly true during feeding time! 

Cloud and Tim Nose to NoseSm.jpg (208476 bytes)        Cloud and Tim talkingSm.jpg (152738 bytes)        Cloud lounging on porchSm.jpg (115835 bytes)        Kelli and CloudSm.jpg (141915 bytes)


Percilla - Percilla was very timid when we first got her.  She has done a complete turn-around.  She now tries to push Cloud out of the way so she can get her hugs first.  Percilla is also a fantastic mother.  She makes sure the pups eat before she does.  When fed raw meat she makes sure that she takes some to the side for her pups to eat.  Once they are finished she eats.  When the pups get older she won't be quite as generous with the food!  Percilla is our climber.  She loves to climb on top of the dog house and lay there looking over our privacy fence.  (The dog house is huge!  I believe we could fit a twin size bed in there with room to spare!)  I believe she gets up there primarily to get away from the pups!!!


Tim Kelli Pups CIllaSm.jpg (195810 bytes)        Kelli mashing face with CillaSm.jpg (138474 bytes)        CillapupgrassSm.jpg (392546 bytes)

    Silly on grill.JPG (31365 bytes)


Malakki  - This is Malakki.  Malakki is our full-time indoor wolfdog!  He and Cloud just could not get along.  Malakki loves being indoors though.  He has adopted our orphaned kittens.  He plays with them, carries them around, watches over them, sleeps with them, etc.  It is so neat to see this.   Malakki is a very gentle wolfdog.  He has a stuffed animal that is no bigger than 3".  He's had this stuffed animal since he was a pup.  To this day he will play with the stuffed animal and is careful not to tear it.  The kittens have done more damage to it than Malakki has!  Malakki enjoys swimming, playing with the kittens and getting sprayed by skunks!  

Malakki and Mystic became parents for the first time on 05 December 2001.  Their litter is beautiful!


If_only_I_could_get_the_seatbelt_onSm.jpg (326856 bytes)          DeepInThoughtSm.jpg (316950 bytes)          GizmoandMalakkiSm.jpg (835767 bytes)           


This is Mystic.  These pictures were taken when Mystic was only 7 months old.  She's our clown!  Given the chance she'll lick you to death!  Mystic recently had her first litter of pups.   She's proved to be a wonderful mother.  

Mystic babysittingSm.jpg (189123 bytes)        Mysticw2pupsSm.jpg (377567 bytes)


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